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Did you know?

Alpacas produce one of
 the world’s finest and most
 luxurious natural fibers.
 Soft as cashmere and warmer,
 lighter and stronger than
 wool, it comes in more colors 
than any other fiber producing animal ! 
Alpaca is naturally flame retardant and
 will not absorb water into the fiber itself,
 it is also hypoallergenic, 
free from dander and lanolin.  

Here at Kismet Acres we have beautiful yarns available for purchase. They are made from our own alpacas, and we will be offering hand made alpaca shawls!
They are  truly one of a kind.

Here is an example of our yarns, rovings and alpaca items we carry in our store. 

We accept payment by PayPal,  we also accept checks and credit cards.

Yarn is available in all the natural colors seen in these pictures including beautiful blends, heathers & tweeds.

To order  individual products please give us a call.  Ask for Elaine. We are happy  to take phone orders. We accept Credit Cards and Paypal.
Home        304.856.3664
Cell             540.533.2558
email  elaine@kismetacres.com 

Rug Yarn  (sold by the ounce) 
Alpaca Bears 
  • Scarves
  • Shawls 
  • Fingerless gloves
  •  Hats
  •  Socks 
  • Felted soap
  • Shoe-boot inserts
  • Rugs
  •  Yarn  (100 – 250 yd skeins, various weights) 

We accept payment by:
 PayPal, Checks and Credit Cards.

Would you like to meet "who" you are wearing?
 Meet Grayce, Sienna, Mia Rae, Sunny, Lyra, & Bacchus.


Bluemont City Fair -  September
  • Sacred Heart Church
  • Winchester VA-November
  • Hillsboro, VA Holiday Craft Show, December 
Farm Store – Open for Business – Many alpaca items available!
​We accept Credit Cards &
  • Paypal
Please call us for individual pricing and for all orders. 
Thank you,