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Sienna - A Wonderfully, dense female with great phenotype -- produces Champion and multiple Blue Ribbon Offspring!

Passes on her uniformity, density, large bone structure, and full coverage, just to name a few. Still beautiful and healthy - has produced outstanding cria!

 1st - Star Events Breeders Challenge Sweepstakes 2002 Halter Huacaya Light Yearling Female
Dense, bright fleece, stunning female! In Best of the US halter show, judge Jude Anderson commented on "beautiful fleece" on this female. At the highest level fleece show, AOA Nationals 2015, Kalli took a 3rd in her class, with judge commenting on smooth hand and beautiful character.

Foundation female with wonderful handle, density and brightness.

At a past show, with Judge Wade Gease , Kallie won a Blue and Fawn Color Championship. The judge was exceptionally complimentary of her fleece which he said was so consistent, with wonderful staple length for age, color, brightness and noted her lack of primaries (even in the belly area)!

 Judge's Choice & Best Brightness, VAOBA Expo 2016 - Cottage Fleece
 Judges Choice & High Score, VAOBA Expo 2016 - Spin-Off
 VAOBA Expo 2016 - Cottage Fleece
 VAOBA Expo 2016 - Spin-Off
 Color Champion, Heart of VA Show - Fawn - Halter
 1st, Heart of VA Show 2016 - Halter
 1st, Heart of VA Show 2016 - Walking Fleece
 1st, VAOBA Expo 2015 - Halter
 1st, VAOBA Expo 2015 - Cottage
 1st, VAOBA Expo 2015 - Spin-Off
 3rd, AOA National Show, 2015 - Fleece
 4th place, Best of the US 2015 - Halter

​        Sienna
.                 Kalliste
Blue Ribbon Winner and Judge's Choice! Her fleece is amazing!

Paisley looked like a dense quilt of many colors when she was born. She was and still is a very beautiful, striking female with long staple length and lovely Light Silver Gray fleece. So fine! You really just want to hug her, she is so appealing! This girl has done great in her shows.

Genetics include Shaquille, PPeruvian Timoteo, The Silversmith, and 4Peruvian Matador.

 MAPACA 2014, Cottage Fleece, 1st Place
 MAPACA 2014, Spin-Off - 1st Place
 Judges Choice! Southern Select 2014
 Southern Select 2014, Spin-Off - 1st Place
 VAOBA Expo 2013, Fleece, Yearling Gray, 2nd Place
 VAOBA Expo 2013, Halter, Yearling - 3rd
 AlpacaFest 2013, Halter, Yearling - 3rd of 7
 VA Classic 2013 - juvenile female combined halter

Born at 20 lbs, this female has all the goods needed for a great foundation female, even at this young age! It will be a shame to shear her dense cria coat, but we're sure the result will be worth it! This dark rose gray beauty has super dense fleece with great architecture . Comes from strong genetics from both Dam and Sire.( sire Irish Meadow's Jackson son of Avalon's Jacob Black)

This girl is too pretty for words! Beautiful head, fine lofty cria fleece! Soon to be shorn for summer!
Mom is a fawn Color Champion and sire is our Sweet, Handsome male, Zeus. Both have great temperaments, both parents are Champions! GrandSires are KAF Triton & Rico Suave!

​Daughter of Champions!
D.O.B. 5/22/2020 (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya, Cria Female| Medium Brown, 7/8 Peruvian, Unproven
This girl is too pretty for words! Beautiful head, fine lofty cria fleece! Soon to be shorn for summer! Mom is a fawn Color Champion and sire is ou...
Kismet Acres Farm - Capon Bridge, WV

Triton's fleece is FINE, DENSE, UNIFORM and has that feel you LOVE to touch! Consistant throughout! His fleece exhibits that high frequency, high amplitude crimp. Previous years stats, such as in 2009, he had a micron count of 16.3, SD 2.7, CV 16.7%, %>30 0.3!! AND -- at age 12, micron count of AFD: 20.9, SD 3.9, CV 18.9 %>30u 3.1. He has maintained these numbers over the years. He has a great attitude, and energetic breeder.

Triton carries the Allianza and Accoyo genetics and the impressive lineage of his Sire, HDF Prince Phillip, with Predictor, Hemingway, and El Moustachio genetics. On his Dam's side, his grandfather is Peruvian Bonanza and great grandfather is Peruvian Chocolateer. Triton's cria are impressive, and his offspring are fawns, light brown, and white . The Brightness is there on all his cria, plus DENSITY and Fineness,( that waxy feel to the fleece)!

PLUS this BONUS: He's a Handsome male with sweet temperament, great Stature, and - he's still holding on to awesome fiber stats!

 WV Mountaineer Fleece Show, 2018, Mature
 Nationals, 2014 - Fleece
 MAPACA 2013, Cottage
 MAPACA 2013, Spin-Off
 VAOBA Expo 2012, Fleece
 VAOBA Expo 2011, Fleece,
 WV Fiber Festival 2011, Fleece
Palmetto Classic 2010, Halter
 Palmetto Classic 2010, Spin-Off
Carolina Alpaca Celebration 2009, Spin-off
 VAOBA Expo 2009, Fleece
Kentucky Classic, Halter 2009
Palmetto Classic, Halter 2009
VA Classic, Halter 2009
OABA Alpacafest, Halter 2009 - out of 13
Maryland Alpaca Show, Halter 2009 - out of 14
 Carolina Alpaca Celebration, Halter 2008
OABA Alpacafest, Halter 2008 - out of 14
In 2017, at almost 9 years old, Bacchus had very good fleece numbers, AFD - 23.6.One year later, the AFD was 23.9 and CV of 19.0. Bacchus is still very handsome, great fawn fleece that still makes beautiful yarn!
Through Bacchus' show career, his Blue Ribbon fleeces were quite impressive! Bacchus has perfect conformation, a sweet temperament and a proud stature. Bacchus's outstanding pedigree includes 6Peruvian Accoyo Titan, and PPPeruvian Dracula, with Accoyo Grand Triumph on the dam's side. Tried and true genetics!
Bacchus's cria have soft, fine silky fleece, very low micron, and good density with great handle and architecture, and excellent coverage. This male has proven bloodlines and is an enthusiastic breeder! As we are downsizing and no longer breeding, Bacchus is looking for work!

 MAPACA 2013, Cottage Fleece
 AOBA Nationals 2012, Cottage Fleece
 AFCNA 2009 Continental Fleece Show
 OABA Alpacafest 2009, Halter
 Maryland Show & Sale 2009, Halter
 VAOBA Expo 2010, Halter
 AOBA Nationals 2010, Fleece
 Carolina Alpaca Celebration 2010, Spin-Off
Zeus has some stunning offspring on the ground, and there's still one available on our farm! Offspring exhibit FINENESS & Luster! Zeus has awesome fiber stats, for the last shearing these are the stats: 21.6, 4.0, 18.5, 2.3. These are for a 9 yr old male! ZEUS, Following in his father's footsteps, won Reserve Color Champion at the National Champions Show, AND also won Color Reserve Champion in the Fleece show.
PUT YOUR HANDS OF THIS MALE!! Still such nice handle and crimp with tiny micro bundling that accompany his fineness. Zeus has that full coverage and great bone that we like to see in a herdsire, as well as a great head. In addition, this male has a calm, laid back attitude and temperament. He passes that Sweetness to his offspring!
His dam, Selena is a Victor Vaccoya grandaughter and his sire, Rico Suave, is out of Accoyo Elite and Hemingway.
Bred to brown or black, sires dark brown or true black, usually darker than Dam, although his current on the farm offspring, an adorable male, is light-medium fawn out of a dark brown Dam.
 OABA 2015 Fleece, 1st
 Fawn Res. Champion 2011 National Champions Show Halter
 Fawn Color Champion 2011 National Champions Show- Walking Fleece
 2011 National Champions fawn male walking fleece - 1st
 2011 National Champions fawn yearling halter - 2nd
 2011 OABA brown halter yearling - 2nd
 2011 Best of US fawn juvenile - 4th

.Delta Blues, the son of Quechua's Verticase, brings sought after genetics of Hemingway, Vengador, Andean Bronze, Casanova, and Legacy. Other boodlines include Royal Bronze, and Nova.

Delta Blues won a Color Championship and has done well in the show ring. The judges commented on his substance of bone, his stellar frame and his appealing head and overall look. His fleece exhibits a bright sheen with a high frequency crimp style organized into a staple formation that is highly aligned, indicating substantial density combined with fineness. All of this in a beautiful shade of fawn that breeders of color appreciate!.

His cria are STUNNING, sired in Black, Brown, Fawn. and White. As we are downsizing and no longer breeding, we would like to see Delta stay busy! He is a Fantastic Breeder!

 1st Place, PAOBA, 2015
 3rd Place, Best of the US, 2015
 1st Place, TXOLAN Alpaca Spectacular, 2014
 1st Place, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeao, 2014
 Color Championship, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, 2014
 2nd Place, Great Western Alpaca Show, 2014
 1st Place, A OK Blast Off, Fall 2014
 3rd Place, A OK Blast Off, 2013

Delta Blues
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