What is Kismet and what does it mean to us? 

Today - A small alpaca farm in eastern West Virginia 

The word “Kismet “means destiny or fate…

Thinking about our future retirement and a more stress-free life style, we left the fast paced environment of the Washington/Baltimore area in 2000, and moved to West Virginia. We searched for many months in hopes of locating the right property, and were fortunate enough to finally find it! In a small valley surrounded by beautiful scenery and mountain views, in the town of Capon Bridge, WV, 20 miles west of Winchester, VA. We felt it was our fate or destiny that we found this little “peace” of heaven, our “kismet.” 

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What a moment as Harley watches one of the quinea hens strutting outside the window. What a character he is!

This is Kayce our faithful sentry who with devotion and  loyalty takes care of all the animals in her charge. 

Our Story

Dave and I had talked about possibilities of a less stressful retirement.We began entertaining our options, and one evening in the spring of 2006, after watching an alpaca advertisement on TV, we decided it warranted further research. That decision to Retire and live a more stress free lifestyle led us to a bucolic, 17 ½ acre property in the town of Capon Bridge, West Virginia, just 20 minutes west of the Shenandoah Valley town of Winchester, VA.

We moved from Maryland with our cats, dogs and horses, and our love for animals made the idea very appealing. We had some experience with livestock and animal husbandry, having owned horses for several years, and in addition to the acreage, we already had fenced pastures and a barn.

 Although several years passed before the joy of owning our first alpacas became a reality, it was truly “kismet” once again when we looked out our windows and saw the horses and alpacas grazing, and we asked ourselves, “why didn’t we do this years ago?” 

" Dreams are like stars...

You  may never touch them, but if you follow them
They will lead you to your destiny"
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Grayce and Cria's playing King of the Hill.
Curious   Adorable  Apacas!